Do detectives dream of DRN sheep?



COOL FACT: Yesterday I tweeted one of them and I got a FV from Michael Ealy himself, check out the screencap :D (sorry it’s in spanish, that’s my main language) 
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Hope you like the other movie posters, The one with Karl Urban is definately one of my favorites

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Almost Human photoshop challenge: 
[2/10] favourite cases
You learn to appreciate the beauty in flaws when you are surrounded by perfect things.


Almost Human photoshop challenge: 

[2/10] favourite cases

You learn to appreciate the beauty in flaws when you are surrounded by perfect things.


I want her job!!

yep, me too!


I want her job!!

yep, me too!


So here’s our post for the AhFancon. Turns out crow is miserable with reading calendars and is late. Her bad. All that aside, we’ve done a panel of sorts on renewal efforts. Upfronts aren’t until May, that means there’s still a few weeks left in renewal limbo. It’s a hard life for us here in the fandom, but the key is to never give up hope. A lot of people had ideas along the same strain of things and so we put together a semi-definitive short list of renewal efforts in the fandom.

There are a LOT of different renewal projects going on, including but not limited to this tumblrcon. The first question is, why so many? Most fandoms have two or three renewal pushes going at any one time, while ours are widespread and numerous. The answer is three big letters: F-O-X.

Everyone who pays attention to sci-fi fandoms has heard about Firefly being cancelled in its prime by FOX. FOX is notorious for cancelling many shows because the way sci-fi fandom works is very different from the big broad numbers that network TV enjoys. There are hints that because FOX is under new management that may change, making more rom for sci-fi or fantasy shows to branch out,  but who’s willing to risk losing Almost Human to chance? Not us, and not this fandom.

Almost Human is fighting an uphill battle. Sleepy Hollow showed FOX that there can be major success from a fantasy show, and something as niche as a sleepy hollow remake can bring in big numbers. The risk of that is that FOX may now believe that it’s all or nothing for its niche shows. That would be dangerous for Almost Human. We just don’t have the same hard numbers as Sleepy Hollow or other FOX shows.

So how do we make up for it? With renewal projects. There are many projects, so many that we’ve probably missed a few in making our list. Some of the bigger ones are:

  • #AlmostHumanLives giraffe contest
  • Whoever tweeted #almosthumanlives the most during the finale received a 3d printed golden giraffe award
  • Organized by (@nikolai3d)

What’s going on

  • Tumblrcon
  • A tumblrcon for the Alhu fandom, with panels, giveaways, streams and more
  • Organized by: (
  • Location: Tumblr
  • Twitter trends
  • #renewalmosthuman
  • #almosthumanlives

These are only some  of the more notable renewal efforts around the fandom. You can find a far more in-depth list curated by almosthumangifs here ( )

The goal of this panel isn’t to get you to try to participate in everything, rather, the real key gere is that in the scant few weeks we have left before the ball drops and we learn the true fate of Almost Human, there is still a lot that needs to be done.

Right now, the efforts are all very contained within the fandom. We make a very good support group, but we are quite small and close knit. We need to make more concentrated efforts to get our voices heard, not just on Tumblr, but across social media platforms. The goal is to make sure that FOX knows we exist!

The second goal is the get the cast and crew involved. They are our greatest allies in this endeavor. When famous people talk, regular people listen, so isn’t it about time we get our beloved cast and crew to talk about Almost Human? Karl Urban is much more hands on with the fandom, he attends sci-fi conventions quite often during the year, however, attendees are also there to ask him about his many other roles. Michael Ealy and the rest of the main cast have twitters but are not prone to use them, though occasionally they will talk with Almost Human fans about the show.

Lastly, and perhaps more importantly, the way to make sure this fandom survives is to be sure that everyone feels welcome, no matter whether they’ve been here since the show was announced or just saw the pilot yesterday. A strong fandom is one that can go on forever, no matter what the official outcome is.

Thanks for this!

I was wondering… why next Monday don’t we start tweeting to journalists and online newspapers about our desire to see Almost Human renewed? They’re the only ones we haven’t involved yet and they can spread news about our efforts and make not fans of AH curious about this little fandom. 


Somebody cry about Almost Human with me, let me pump you full of ideas so you can spurt fics because i am no writer


For my giftee who requested Richard and Rudy friendship. ~JM xx

The high pitched trill of Rudy’s phone cuts into the silence of his lab, and for a moment he’s so lost in his head and the circuitry of robotic spy roaches that he doesn’t hear. But Rudy comes back to reality at whiplash speeds and reaches for the phone, elbows knocking into beakers. 

"H-Hello?" Rudy stammers as he jams the phone between shoulder and ear, juggling between holding on to his welding pen and catching a beaker. He drops both and gives a small sigh of disappointment as glass shatters. 

"Beers. Kelly’s bar. Now." 

"What?" It takes a second before Rudy recognizes Detective Paul’s voice on the other end. "I can’t. I have…things to do." His voice raises slightly as it does when he’s trying to get out of something. 

"I’m already outside," Richard replies. "But I mean, if you want to stay stuck underground with your fingers in a bunch of bots, that’s fine. I’m not judging." 

"No, I…I’m coming. Just give me one second." Rudy looks around the room, under his desk, in drawers. 

"I burned your fedora." 

"You what?" Rudy’s voice is laced with disappointment. "It was a nice hat, very comfortable. It’s a classic.”

Richard laughs quietly on the other end. “Friends don’t let friends walk around with outdated wear. Not as ugly as that was.” 

Rudy throws his workshop apron on the desk and grabs his jacket. “It’s vintage,” he says in a rushed breath as he jogs out the door.

Richard reaches across the seat to open the door.”No, my 2020 Jordan’s are vintage. Say a prayer for it.” 

The scientist nearly throws himself into the seat and swallows hard as his stomach growls loudly. “Can we—”

Reaching in the back seat, the detective comes up with a small container. “I knew you didn’t get out and stopped down the street.” 

With a sigh of relief, Rudy opens the container. “Thank you,” he manages to say around a bite of hotdog. “You’re a lifesaver.” 

The engine roars to life and Richard shrugs slightly. “What are friends for?” 


gifs i made for the almost human version of 2048! feel free to use!


Results of the MX-Apocalypse, Round 2! Woo! 

I can’t remember who all contributed cause there were a lot more this time! But a bunch, once again, from the awesome sosioban who is practically a machine herself in her ability to churn out MX art xD Kudos! Also cheesecake12, hobovampire, and flippingthevan (I only had time to do a few this time xD)

If you don’t get the Cheez-it thing - Joe Smith, the voice of the MX’s, is also the Cheez-it Scientist in their commercials.

He’s on a tree. MX ON A TREE!

Awards to you! 


Matryoshka doll and Smartbed are my OTP

Shipping it


Matryoshka doll and Smartbed are my OTP

Shipping it

Monday, May 12, 2014

FOX Upfronts. 

Remember the day, little bots. 


After technically meeting Joe Smith, my love for MXs has skyrocketed


Monday’s Tweet-Out is over for this week, but I’m considering using this for next week.  And just getting it out there in general.  #AlmostHumanLives isn’t trending, but I still feel like there’s a good chance that the show will see renewal.  Call me a hopeful romantic (because I am) but I just really have a good feeling about it.

Lost it yesterday evening, but hopefully I’ll be joining it next week


Monday’s Tweet-Out is over for this week, but I’m considering using this for next week.  And just getting it out there in general.  #AlmostHumanLives isn’t trending, but I still feel like there’s a good chance that the show will see renewal.  Call me a hopeful romantic (because I am) but I just really have a good feeling about it.

Lost it yesterday evening, but hopefully I’ll be joining it next week


Almost Human-Star Trek Crossover where James T. Kirk is a profiler and John Kennex and Dorian are working with him on an important case. Soon after their first meeting Kirk tells John that he received an anonymous threat because he got a hold on delicate information. John agrees to protect him in addition to their investigation though he is not happy about it. The first night after work when Dorian is back at Rudys they are alone in the car and James points out that John clearly doesn’t like him.

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Thanks for the milestone, have some itty-bitty Jorian fluff >_<

-John has the hiccups and Dorian decides to help out.

John puts the initial tickle in his throat down to the beginnings of a cold he’s been warily nursing for three days, and he drinks an extra cup of coffee to soothe the irritation. 

The itch inevitably returns as he’s picking Dorian up from Rudy’s, just pulling onto the ramp to the freeway. The windows are cracked down an inch to let in the warm spring air, and he can feel the wind ruffling the top of his head.His throat sticks when he swallows and he clears it absently, wishing he hadn’t knocked back the rest of the coffee already.

Seconds later, he’s turning his head to tell Dorian to change the station when the first hiccup erupts out of him with shocking violence.

He doesn’t know who’s more surprised by the noise, him or Dorian. A few seconds pass and he begins to hope that it’s somehow gone unnoticed, but then the second hiccup comes, catching him off guard and jerking his torso in the seat as he tries to recover.

"You all right?" Dorian asks, with the air of someone desperately trying not to laugh, but when John glances over suspiciously, the android’s face is carefully blank as he stares out the windshield. 

"Fine," John says tersely. He expects the next hiccup before it comes and manages to suppress it to a silent shudder. "Shit," he mutters, hunching his shoulders forward over the steering wheel like it’ll help contain it.

"Hey, don’t hold it in. It’s bad for you." Definitely trying not to laugh.

John scowls and sucks in a careful breath, holding it in until his lungs start to strain. It’s an old trick that’s always worked since he was a kid, but for no other reason than some sort of twisted karma at work, it doesn’t work now and the third hiccup is loud and clear.

"Dammit!" he snaps peevishly.

Dorian’s not even bothering to hide his grin now, his white teeth glinting in John’s peripherals as he squints determinedly at the road. “It’s cute, man, really.”

Cute-” John splutters. “The hell it’s-” He’s instantly mortified at the sound that cuts off the rest of his words, and Dorian bursts out into his weird chuckling, like a conglomeration of other people’s laughter jammed together. 

"Stop laughing," John grumbles.

"Hic!" Dorian imitates, mangling it terribly. "Hic!"

"I will turn this car around,” John threatens, feeling his blood pressure mounting.

"Hey." Dorian’s voice is suddenly serious, and John tenses warily. "Seriously, John, look over here."

John resists the urge to ignore him out of sheer pettiness and turns his head reluctantly. 

The kiss takes him completely and utterly by surprise, dry lips pressed lightly to the corner of his mouth, the tiniest of exhales against his skin-the car careens sharply into the next lane before John regains his senses and wrenches away, spinning the wheel with a panicked curse.

What the-

"Wait for it," Dorian says calmly, settling back into his seat with a nonchalance that does nothing for his odds of being tossed into oncoming traffic. 

John opens his mouth aggressively, completely outraged and the tiniest bit shaken, then pauses, eyebrows twitching down in growing bewilderment.

The hiccups are gone.

He blinks a couple of times, takes a couple of experimental breaths. Beside him, Dorian’s humming tunelessly, glancing at John intermittently with a small smile.

"Huh," John finally says. His mouth feels hot, and he’s looking anywhere but at his partner.

"You can thank me later," Dorian tells him kindly, reaching over and giving him a singular pat on the knee.

"I," John tries, then falters. "Yeah."

"You’re welcome," Dorian adds, seemingly unable to help himself.

"I thought you said later."

"I meant now." Dorian looks at him, eyebrows raised plaintively, and John thinks it’s sort of sad that he can recognize that expression even without looking. "Positive response builds my self-confidence."

"Believe me, or something that came in a bottle, your ego’s built up just fine."

"But you liked it."

"Did not." It’s a knee-jerk reaction now, and John sets his jaw doggedly. 

"You liked it," Dorian says again, after a short pause. 

John doesn’t know what to say, so he settles for disgruntled silence instead, ignoring the thoughtful sound from Dorian’s direction. 

The hiccups come back later, but somehow, John doesn’t mind so much anymore.

They’re going to make an episode where this happens. I don’t have any doubt about it.